La Bodega Negra is two restaurants in one—a taquería cafe and a private dining room disguised as a sex shop—Farewell created a brand within a brand, distinguishing the two through subtle but complementary differences.

Entrance into La Bodega Negra in Soho, London, is down a dark staircase that deposits patrons in a cavernous cellar with vaulted ceilings and liquor barrels lining the walls. Drawing inspiration from Mexican tequila distilleries, Farewell created a comprehensive branding system around an Aztec scorpion icon with black and copper artwork that mirrored the dark, mysterious atmosphere of the restaurant. The package included logo marks, menus, printed collateral, website, environmental elements and uniforms. In 2014 Farewell updated the branding for a second Bodega Negra location in NYC at the Dream Hotel.