Hand Painted Signs

Miss Lily’s is a Caribbean restaurant and radio station ( www.radiolily.com ) that has become a New York institution dedicated to West Indian cuisine and culture. In 2014 a second location opened at the infamous 7A Cafe space. Miss Lily's 7A serves their authentic West Indian food but also kept some of 7A Cafe's diner classics on the menu as homage.

FAREWELL was approached by Miss Lily's creative director Serge Becker to bring new life to the historic corner of 7th & A. Inspired by the rapidly disappearing bodega facades that once dotted New York City, Farewell worked to create a vibrant exterior signage system that represented the unmistakable energy of Miss Lily’s. Playing off of Farewell's love of typography and lettering, all of the artwork is custom and completely unique. The production was done entirely in house, and every element of the signage painted by hand in Farewell’s Brooklyn studio. The result is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching facades in the neighborhood.