Holiday '18

FAREWELL partnered with Converse to direct their Holiday ‘18 campaign.
We built the campaign around a driving initiative to be present, celebrating the holiday spirit of human connection over commercialization. To connect with the Converse audience, we introduced an idea of family that goes further than traditional ties–family that is built by shared experiences and values, strengthened by spontaneous moments of community. These moments were captured through the lens of photographer Chris Shonting, known for his unapologetic portraits of youth culture. The direct, literal messaging of the campaign, paired with strong visuals and improvised snapshots, reflects Converse’s daring authenticity and bold personality.

FAREWELL's work guided Converse's marketing and in-store experiences throughout the holiday season, from Instagram stories to environmental installations.

Photographer Chris Shonting
Stylist Eugenie Dalland
Hair & Makeup Jillian Halouska
Still Life Photographer Tom Medvedich
Producer Katherine Clary